God Of War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8

The upcoming PS4 exclusive, God of War has seen major changes in comparison to its PS3 predecessors. In practice this means a pitch shift from the previous God of War games. What you witnessed in God of War's new Paris Games Week trailer is a smidgeon - a sliver - of the unflinching, intense, brutal, and often empowering new combat in God of War. The formula was attractive at first, and no game had more spectacle than God of War.

But it's not just the Norse mythology setting that sets the new God of War apart from previous entries in the series — its action-focused gameplay has been completely deconstructed and reimagined, offering a new over-the-shoulder camera perspective and an axe-based combat system that keeps Kratos mostly grounded.

I hope for a release date soon too, but would much rather have to wait for a complete, unbroken game than have them release it early due to consumer pressure and then have to patch the heck out of it. Keep doing your work Santa Monica, I'll look forward to the day we all get to play.

And confirming the Norse mythology rumor from the second trailer where we see Loki's son, Jörmungandr (the world serpent). The new God of War isn't just the best game in the series to date because of its redesigned combat system, updated camera, epic scope and incredible visuals.

New Weapons and Combat System - New deadly weapons such as the Cestus — powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength — and other brutal instruments of war that will allow Kratos to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall-to-ground attacks.

Come the PlayStation 3 and God of War III continued the speedy action game mechanics, albeit with a graphical boost thanks to the beefier power of the console. Of course, that's threatened a few times by Atreus' childish behavior, often bringing the pair almost back to square one in terms of their tolerance of one another, but thankfully, the game has a way of always steering things back on course.

Since his debut on the PlayStation 2, Kratos has been rage personified, a brute who killed anyone and anything. God of War fans who are looking forward to the new game's release will most likely be pleased with what they find in this fifteen minute preview.

As you level up and upgrade your abilities (spending XP will grant you new attacks, just like previous games in the series), weapons and armor (applying rune stones will grant you magical attack abilities and spending hacksilver will buy and upgrade Kratos and Atreus' armor, axe and bow), you become more formidable, able to take on multiple enemies at once.

It's the only other gameplay video available apart from the announcement trailer found above. To round out the big God of War cover story on Game Informer, game director Cory Barlog revealed that he had to go back to the drawing board for the upcoming game, pitching Sony something new and original in the aftermath of God of War: Ascension.

It's just video games. The trailer above, which is apparently close to the final opening scene in the game, shows Kratos taking his boy out to hunt deer. If the gameplay and the story turns out good I totally like the sound of that. Here's everything you need to know about the new God of War for PS4, including the best deals, gameplay, and the latest trailers.

Apart from Sony's E3 2017 confirmation that the game would be coming out in 'early 2018', not much else was known about the release date. PlayStation has released a new 15-minute gameplay video that shows how the developers have pretty much hit it out of the Norse park with the new installment.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the feel of God of War‘s new combat system, and how Kratos' son Atreus fits into the mix, check out EGM's preview of the same gameplay Atreus was also the focus of a recent developer video , in which Santa Monica Studio got into how Atreus adds to God of War‘s rhythmic combat.

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